City of Momence

City of Momence, IL Freedom of Information Act
Officers: Tina Demack and Pepper Ohrt


The FOIA officers work at City Hall, 105 W Washington Street. City Hall is the chief administrative building where citizens can conduct city related transactions and communication.

The Mayor, City Treasurer, and City Clerk have offices in the building. City Collector, Tina Demack and shared Water Department and City Hall assistant Pepper Ohrt provide assistance to citizens during normal business hours.

Instructions for submitting a FOIA Request

A Freedom of Information (FOIA) request must be made in writing. It can be in the form of a letter, a city supplied form, fax, or e-mail. The request should include your name, address, the date, and a daytime phone number. Describe the information you are seeking. Send or give the information to Tina Demack or Pepper Ohrt at City Hall. A response will be forthcoming within 5 business days following reception of the request. Fill out the online FOIA request form.

The categories which are preceded by * are available on this website under the City Services Menu.


  • *Ordinances 

  • *City Council Minutes

  • Released Executive Minutes


  • Accounts Payable 

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Amusement Licenses

  • *Appropriation Ordinances 

  • *Audits

  • Budgets 

  • *Building Permits

  • Code Violations

  • Contracts 

  • *Council Minutes 

  • Electrical Permits

  • Grant Information

  • Liquor Licenses 

  • *Ordinances 

  • Plumbing Permits

  • Released Executive Minutes

  • Variance Requests

  • Water and Sewer Billing 


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