Building Department

Building Inspector:
Matt Cousin

Plumbing Inspector:
John Cousin

Electrical Inspector:
Craig Kennedy

To fill out and print Building Permit Application, click here.
This form is a fillable PDF, meaning you can type in the requested information, save it, and print the document. The permit must then be signed and submitted to City Hall.

Code Enforcement:
Momence Police Department

Fire Inspection:
Momence Fire Protection District


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?

Most construction activities require a permit. For your own protection, and best interest, it is always wise to check with the building department before beginning any construction, alterations or repair work. Failure to obtain a building permit could result in a fine or an order to stop work.

What do I need to start the procedure for my permit?

  • 1. A copy of your plat or survey showing existing and proposed structures
  • 2. Pertinent drawings or blueprints
  • 3. Contractor's name, address, and phone number

Do I need to call for inspections?

Inspections are required for all work. It is best to call the Building Department ahead of time to schedule an inspection.

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