Welcome to the City of Momence

Photo of Mayor Mick Porter

On behalf of the City Council, welcome to the City of Momence. Momence is located approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. To arrive in Momence from the north or south, you may want to “Drive the Dixie” Highway! Dixie Hwy/Rt 1 is the major thoroughfare through the heart of downtown Momence. Momence is a friendly community located along the banks of the Kankakee River. Often referred to as the "Old Bordertown", Momence is home to more than 3300 residents of many faiths and cultures. You will discover that The City of Momence is a great place to work, reside, and raise a family.

The City Council and I strive to provide assistance in meeting the needs of the citizens of Momence and the many people who travel through our community. We will continue to meet the challenges of providing effective public services and responding to the citizens of the City of Momence.

City Council meetings are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM. We encourage citizens to attend the meetings and share their comments at each meeting.

Mick Porter, Mayor


The City of Momence is currently making improvements to its water distribution system. Improvements include the installation of 1,900 feet of 12-inch water main installed beneath the Kankakee River. These improvements will improve water quality by increasing capacity, pressure, and fire protection to the south side of the city. Funding for this project was provided by a low interest loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP). The PWSLP is funded by both state and federal sources. The $1,681,030 loan has an interest rate of 1.86% and will be repaid over 20 years. For more information about the Kankakee River Water Main Crossing project, contact the Momence Water & Sewer Department.



Honor Guard Memorial Day Services

The Momence Honor Guard announces times and places for Memorial Day services on Monday, May 30, 2016.

Shrontz Cemetery
8:30 AM
Mt. Airy Cemetery
8:50 AM
Wichert Cemetery
9:15 AM
Momence Meadows Nursing Home
9:45 AM
Momence Cemetery
10:15 AM
St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery
10:30 AM
Conrad Park Memorial
10:50 AM
Momence Depot
11:10 AM
Kasler Veterans Memorial Park
11:30 AM


City Services

From the Mayor's Desk

May 23, 2016

The contractors, RNR Construction, will begin sidewalk removal on the North-East section of the 100 block of East Washington Street this week. At this point, the south side is not quite complete, due to a delay in the delivery of the pavers and coordinating some electrical work to be completed at the South-West corner of Washington and Dixie. Though the south side of East Washington is not completed, much of the south roadway is open for parking at this time.

In other news, Allied Waste will be distributing the recycling carts to all residents this week. Please carefully read the brochure that will be attached to the container for details on the recycling program. If you have any questions, please contact Allied Waste directly at 815-472-3332.

Finally, after closing on the sale of his home last Tuesday and now residing outside of the 3rd Ward boundaries, Alderman Rich Kupferer stepped down from his aldermanic position. I want to thank Alderman Kupferer for his dedication and service to the City of Momence as alderman of the 3rd Ward. He served as Chairman of the Police Committee for 7 years, was instrumental as the liaison to the Census Bureau in 2010, and always advocated for the improvement of our community. It is my responsibility to submit an appointment to the City Council for approval to complete his term, which ends May 1, 2017. Individuals residing in the 3rd Ward, interested in being considered for the vacated aldermanic position, are encouraged to call me at 815-592-4270.

Mick Porter
Mayor, City of Momence

The Momence City Council

The Momence City Council consists of the Mayor, City Clerk, Treasurer, and eight Alderpersons. The City Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, and other times as necessary. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM, and the City Council agendas are posted on the Fridays that precede the Monday meeting dates. All meetings are held in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.


Momence Spring Code Enforcement Initiative

Spring is here and the City of Momence will once again be conducting its citywide code enforcement efforts. Last year during the early spring and into the summer months, the Momence Police Department implemented the most comprehensive and compliance based code enforcement initiative that we have seen in many years. In doing so, the city experienced a tremendous amount of support from our residents and businesses who worked closely with the code enforcement officers to eradicate a number of violations and unsightly properties. Our efforts to eliminate a large number of ordinance violations, property code violations, and improve a number of blighted and neglected areas was largely successful, but our work is not done and we still have many areas that need improvement and/or clean-up.

Our mission this spring will be the same as last year, our code enforcement officers will be surveying the entire community during the next few weeks. We will be identifying ordinance violations and property maintenance violations that negatively impact our neighborhoods and our community. When these violations and/or areas of concern are identified, our initial communication with you will be in writing. This written communication will inform you of our concerns and what action needs to be taken to become compliant with the city code. Most, if not all of the follow-up communication will be done in person with face-to-face communication in an effort to ensure everyone understands our compliance based efforts.

This code enforcement initiative is a monumental task that takes a tremendous number of hours to facilitate and manage. Our efforts are designed to seek compliance over enforcement in every instance. If you receive a letter from a code enforcement official informing you of a code enforcement violation, please know that we will work with you to resolve the areas of concern and/or violation. It is our absolute goal to ensure compliance over enforcement in all cases.

Working together as good neighbors to clean up our yards, our businesses, our homes, and blighted areas will make a positive impression on our visitors and our neighbors. We have a beautiful community that is full of potential and promise; with everyone's help and cooperation in our code enforcement initiative we will continue to improve upon the beauty and potential of our community.