City of Momence

An Old Border Town

Main Street building downtown Momence
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Welcome to the City of Momence

Photo of Mayor Mick Porter

On behalf of the City Council, welcome to the City of Momence.  Momence is located approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. To arrive in Momence from north, or south, you may want to “Drive the Dixie” Highway!  Dixie Hwy/Rt 1 is the major thoroughfare through the heart of downtown Momence.  Momence is a friendly community located along the banks of the Kankakee River.  Often referred to as the "Old Bordertown", Momence is home to more than 3300 residents of many faiths and cultures. You will discover that The City of Momence is a great place to work, reside, and raise a family.

The City Council and I strive to provide assistance in meeting the needs of the citizens of Momence and the many people who travel through our community. We will continue to meet the challenges of providing effective public services and responding to the citizens of the City of Momence.

City Council meetings are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM. We encourage citizens to attend the meetings and share their comments at each meeting.

Mick Porter
Mayor, City of Momence

From the Mayor’s Desk
July 21, 2014

Over the past couple of months, the Momence Police Department’s web site has been going through a redesign process.  The site is now up and running. The City is especially appreciative of the efforts of local residents Bruce and Eileen Crooks who donate their time as “webmasters” of the City of Momence and the Momence Police Department’s websites.  Along with the new look of the Police Department site, a Facebook Page is also available to effectively communicate with residents and businesses through social media.  Check out the new website at:  From the homepage, individuals can connect with the Facebook Page, access forms and reports, biographies of our officers with email contacts, and current local events and police blotter reports.

In other news, The City, as well as many other municipalities in the county, is still in the Electrical Supply Aggregation Program that was contracted in 2013.  Residents in the program are still receiving electric supply costs at 4.983 cents per KWH while the current rate for ComEd electric supply is between 7.1 to 8.1 cents per KWH. According to data compiled by the aggregation brokerage firm, NIMEC, to date, residents in the Aggregation Program have saved an average of $123.00.  The current contract in the Aggregation Program runs through February 2015. 

A representative at NIMEC forwarded a reminder that every time someone moves, even if just across the street, the ComEd account at that residence is closed and in setting up new service, a new account is opened resulting in a new ComEd account number with ComEd rates. As an example, if one roommate moves out of a residence and another roommate stays but changes the account into his/her name, that generates a new ComEd account and a new ComEd account number -- even in the same home.
In March of 2013, the Aggregation Program automatically enrolled all eligible accounts at that one point in time. Thereafter, no account is automatically enrolled, but anyone is welcome and free to call FirstEnergy to enroll his/her account at any time during the term.  To do so, just call 888-651-5200.


Mick Porter
Mayor, City of Momence