Welcome to the City of Momence

Photo of Mayor Mick Porter

On behalf of the City Council, welcome to the City of Momence. Momence is located approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. To arrive in Momence from the north or south, you may want to “Drive the Dixie” Highway! Dixie Hwy/Rt 1 is the major thoroughfare through the heart of downtown Momence. Momence is a friendly community located along the banks of the Kankakee River. Often referred to as the "Old Bordertown", Momence is home to more than 3300 residents of many faiths and cultures. You will discover that The City of Momence is a great place to work, reside, and raise a family.

The City Council and I strive to provide assistance in meeting the needs of the citizens of Momence and the many people who travel through our community. We will continue to meet the challenges of providing effective public services and responding to the citizens of the City of Momence.

City Council meetings are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM. We encourage citizens to attend the meetings and share their comments at each meeting.

Mick Porter, Mayor

Get your creative juices flowing!

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Mayor Mick Porter and the City Council are looking to incorporate a city logo for use on letterhead, vehicles, signage, and the city's website. To that end, they are implementing a contest, looking for entries of an attractive, professional, appropriate logo. Entries can be either black and white or color, and the contest is open to anyone. Submit your entry by November 1, 2016 at 4:30pm. All entries will be judged by the City Council, and a $200 cash prize will be awarded to the winner. Please submit entries either in person or by mail to:

Alderman David Cook - c/o City Hall
105 W. Washington St.
Momence, IL 60954
or email to Alderman Cook


The City of Momence is currently making improvements to its water distribution system. Improvements include the installation of 1,900 feet of 12-inch water main installed beneath the Kankakee River. These improvements will improve water quality by increasing capacity, pressure, and fire protection to the south side of the city. Funding for this project was provided by a low interest loan from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Public Water Supply Loan Program (PWSLP). The PWSLP is funded by both state and federal sources. The $1,681,030 loan has an interest rate of 1.86% and will be repaid over 20 years. For more information about the Kankakee River Water Main Crossing project, contact the Momence Water & Sewer Department.



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City Services

From the Mayor's Desk

September 26, 2016

Two road improvement projects are currently being reviewed for approval by the Illinois Department of Transportation. One project, funded by a Grade Crossing Protection Grant in the amount of $327,000, is the proposed access road between North Maple Street and North Locust. The City recently finalized the acquisition of the land needed for the new road located on the north side of the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Following final IDOT approval, bidding for the construction will be possible with construction expected to begin in the Spring of 2017. The second project, which includes an extensive reconstruction of Mechanic Street, will be 50% funded by an Economic Development Program award from IDOT, as well as considerable grants from the Economic Alliance and the Community Development Assistance Program. The remaining costs will be shared equally by the City, Silva International, Van Drunen Farms, and Momence Packing Company. Following engineering approval by IDOT, bidding will take place with construction also tentatively slated to begin in the Spring of 2017.

Finally, another reminder, for your convenience, the City of Momence accepts online water/sewer bill payments. To access the online bill payment, from the Homepage on the right hand side, you will find a red button entitled Pay your Water Bill Online. Click on the button, and then scroll down to the GovPayNet button. Using information on your water bill (name and address of account holder, payment amount, and account number) fill in all of the asterisked fields. Once that is completed, click continue. Next enter the amount you are paying. Then complete the asterisked credit/debit card information and click continue. If online credit/debit card payment is not your preferred choice, credit/debit card payments are accepted in person at City Hall.

Mick Porter
Mayor, City of Momence

The Momence City Council

2016 City Council

The Momence City Council consists of the Mayor, City Clerk, Treasurer, and eight Alderpersons. Pictured above: Standing L to R: 4th Ward Alderman Mark Lesyna, 3rd Ward Alderman David Cook, 2nd Ward Alderman Chuck Steele, Mayor Mick Porter, 4th Ward Alderman Jack Metz, 3rd Ward Alderman John Rehmer. Seated L to R: 1st Ward Alderwoman Diann Denton, 2nd Ward Alderwoman Nova Metz, City Clerk Jenene Henson, Treasurer Becky Peterson, 1st Ward Alderwoman Carrie Navratil.

The City Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month, and other times as necessary. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM, and the City Council agendas are posted on the Fridays that precede the Monday meeting dates. All meetings are held in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.